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Sometimes things are irreplaceable or too expensive for new ones, so bring them in to see what can be done to restore or renovate them.

Older leather can go past the point of no return, too dry and brittle, but with a bit of ingenuity and patience I’ve had some excellent results.

Another option is to use the existing article as a pattern to re-fabricate a new one.

Call and ask whether I can make or fix something for you

Ph: 0362008635

Check out some of these articles I’ve repaired over the years : Please scroll down

This pair of Pendragon boots were torn and rotten down both sides, so I applied some creative patches.

More examples of creative patching and colour restoration

Somebody partied too hard in their Lederhosen…. Seemingly the end for them.. But wait!

Torn leather jacket repaired with invisible patch

Too old to get those high boots on now?

 Have then cut down

A ring box  jigsaw puzzle…..Restored

A classic binocular case.. Brittle skin torn catch and no strap…. Restored!

Everybody’s favourite,

the dog chew…

A new toe grafted in  and polish…

Hey Presto!

Just look at the state of thee shoes eaten by rats… Then repaired to live on!

The latest addition is this 1970’s hand made leather bag.

The leather was dry and brittle and the colour faded.

I pulled it completely apart, conditioned the leather

made a new mystery plait handle

Reinforced the top edges where the handle and sides join

Re laced and coloured it .

This is a pair of sandals made by Pendragon in the early 90’s irreplaceable… but restored

A Mandolin case with leather peeling and leather hinges torn…

Hinges replaced, leather glued and polished

Another pair of favourite sandals saved

Straps made to replace worn out ones

Rebuilt squashed toes